Sunday, May 21, 2017

170520 Meeting Lee Sung Kyung at Laneige

My very first encounter with a Korean actress!
Lee Sung Kyung is one of Laneige's ambassadors, hence she came to Singapore for Laneige Beauty Road 2017. 

Since I was bored, I decided to stop myself from being lazy and "nua" at home. 
Arrived at 3.15PM at ION Orchard, walked past Laneige while finding my way to B4 where the actual event is. The main event starts at 4PM. However, to my surprise, there was a crowd outside Laneige and I was so excited to see that she was here already. The crowd was really thick and difficult to go through to the middle (right in front of the store). 

I decided to stand near the corner of the store where the pathway to the back lift is, thinking that she will eventually have to walk past me to the lift to go downstairs. I WAS RIGHT. 
The guards start to shift the crowd to the side and hohoho I was in first line since I never squeezed in anyways. All those fans had to move behind me. 

Out she came in right in front of me, no zoom needed. She was so beautiful! 

I then followed the crowd to B4 and so grateful that I saw her up close before already, because the crowd at the main event was insane. There was no way I can get so close like before. lol. 
Here are a few photos I managed to take, this time I had to use my zoom. Haha.

Kim Bok Joo, Swag~

She's so cute. ha!

Also, it was my luckiest day. 
Laneige was giving out freebies if you participate in their event. Basically, just share something on FB to get the good night kit, play 2 games which gets me the two blue bottle trial kit and two hand and foot moisture ball thingy. The post cards are free too! I should have took all different designs. They are so aesthetically pleasing, I plan to stick them up in my room somewhere. I only took 4. Silly me. 

There are 3 other "experience" booth where you watch a VR Laneige advertisement, smell their latest products scents and take a photo with their Laneige logo with your phone, which you don't have to post or anything if you don't want to.

Once done with 2 games and 3 booths, you get to spin the wheel.
It's a sure win thing, just depending on which prizes you get from the wheel, so it's pretty worth it. 
The most valuable item on the wheel is the collagen set. I prayed so hard for it. 

When I spun the wheel, it landed on a pink clutch handbag (so far I see a lot of people getting this because it's a larger section on the wheel), super common like some taobao bag. I was thinking crap, oh well. Then the girl informed me that I will have to come back later because it is temporarily out of stock. I requested another spin and she agreed. It landed on the Collagen set! OMG! 

I tried to hide my excitement. Hahahah. What an awesome day! 
The pouch that stores the collagen set is super cute and it is a good quality pouch. (the pink one in the photo above). 

All in all, this is my most happening Saturday ever since I came to Singapore. :D

Tuesday, May 09, 2017


I have never left my blog abandoned for this long before, and this blog is with me for 11 years now, crazy! I know!
It has been 4 months now and a lot has happened.

I moved to Singapore at the end of March, still working with Dell but Dell Singapore. I realize a lot of people never expected me to leave the country, well well surprise surprise. 
I will share some more soon as I intend to get back to blogging. 

I have a whole bunch of excuses for not coming on here for the past 4 months. I first confirmed my move to Singapore at the end of December, since then I was busy packing, busy getting ready and busy with work (mostly work). Then when I moved here I was so tied up with studying for my 5th CPA Australia paper. 

I just completed it last Friday so finally now I feel so much better and happier. Glad that I can finally do the things that I want to do. :)

To be honest, another reason why I neglected my blog so much ever since I started working a couple years back is because you see things differently after you step into the grown up world. People at work comments on everything, judges you on every single thing you do. And having a blog out there that someone may stumble upon it anytime made me feel so insecure.

I will think about what I will update here in future as I was considering to turn this blog private... We will see.. I don't think anyone is reading my blog anymore. Haha! The world has evolved, our attention span has shorted and we only want to scroll on Instagram and Facebook now. 

Till then!