Saturday, July 26, 2014

140712 Bangalore, India - Going There

I wanted to blog about this trip as soon as possible, in fear that I will start to forget the tiny details or feelings I felt from the trip. I took a lot of photos, being the default photographer and trying to capture as much as possible, not sure how many posts I will need to cover everything. haha

Unlike the bloggers who pick only the best photos to put in their travel blogs, I tend to lower my bar a little when I'm writing travel posts. Reason being, I'm often very frustrated by travel bloggers who doesn't show much. What if I have never been there and want to see more of that place, one or two picture from each place doesn't cure my curiosity.
It's just personal preference I think, I'm so detail-oriented I drive myself crazy sometimes. 

So bear with me, if you feel like I'm throwing too much photos at you, I'm so sorry. haha
Also, I want to be able to see a lot to jog my memories when I come back to my blog when I''m 70.  lolol.


This was a business trip to Bangalore for a week, we then extended a few days to go to Taj Mahal and a few more days for Singapore. 

Trust me, all of us did so much preparation before going - taking injections, getting pills, being mentally prepared, but I would say it wasn't as bad as I thought (or maybe I didn't know what to expect before I go). Ritz Carlton probably played a big part in making the stay 90% more awesome. 

Chapter 1
Some of us took MH and departed in the morning, and some of us took SQ departing in the afternoon. 
Had to pack to a minimal because we will be taking domestic flight with weight limit to Delhi from Bangalore and it really gave me a lot of headaches while packing.

For the first time ever, we were travelling with ADPs! 
We were all heading to the APJ Development Summit which is held in India this time, where the global FDPs and ADPs fly in as well for the conference, along with the APJ directors, other development programs and the CFO council. It was kinda a big event, all the important people were there and it was so much fun. 

The conferences always happen after we finish our exams and research project, so we were super relaxed and ready for the holiday. 

At the Changi airport

The only window shot I got as I always take the aisle seat, knee can't stay in same position for too long, weak body. 

food on the Silkair flying to Singapore.

A glimpse of clean Singapore while taking the Skytrain to Terminal 3.


 A shot caught by KwongYeow, my assigned junior buddy in the FDP, one semester junior than me but we are of the same age, so very often when I treat them like kids, they remind me that I'm not much older. But really, I feel like I have gained a lot of mental age since then. haha

 We decided to go to the butterfly garden.
I wished I saw more butterflies, but nevertheless, happy with these shots!

broken wings.

Best chocolate muffin I have ever tasted, from Costa Coffee

Finally, on our way to Bangalore.

the menu of the day.

I was so full already but I couldn't reject the Kit Kat ice cream!
Little did I know, it was the start of my weight gain journey in India. 

Best plane food I have ever tasted. so damn good.

After the 4 hour flight, we have finally arrived at Bangalore. I was so so so tired. 
But it was only 9-ish PM there. There is a 2.5 hour time difference with Malaysia, so it made me hungry at all the wrong times and waking up at the wrong times. ugh it was tiring, though you may think it's just 2 and a half hour. 

So happy to see my luggage again, having the trauma of losing my previous luggage in the States. 
Now, my heart beats fast whenever I'm waiting for my bag from the belt. 

The driver took our luggage while I was being extremely surprised by how decent and cooling the weather is.
This is the first time I traveled without a jacket because I thought India would be dead hot. I did some research on the weather before I went but I didn't know Bangalore is that cooling. Having a 20-25 degree Celcius on average. It was awesome, but half the time I was feeling too cold as the wind was really really strong. 

Will continue the rest in the next post! Sorry for this anti-climax post. hahaha. I haven't got to filtering the first day yet. We took a local tour to Mysore, the second largest city in the state of Karnataka, India. It was an eye opener for me, and my very first glimpse of the India culture....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bangalore, India

So I have been here since Saturday midnight, it's Day 2 now.
And official Day 1 of our APJ Development Summit.

Just want to write a quick one before I go to bed. hehehe.

Observations of Bangalore, India so far (disclaimer: just my personal thoughts haha)

1. Weather is awesome, windy, cooling, around 20-25 degrees celcius. (dislike the random rains though)

2. Cars honk for no reason (like every 3 seconds, not kidding) and I'm just glad we will be at the hotel all week till this weekend (literally had a headache as we were out all day Sunday and the honking just haunt me so much I can't handle that stress anymore)

3. Dust. dusty dusty dusty. 
I mean this can't be helped I guess, not with all the rubbish beside the road and homeless, beggars. Beggar kids actually touched our hands and ask us to give them money. It's just so common and I can't help but feel pity and realized that Malaysia is actually so much better.
And my hair is getting really dry, and my face is having pimples breakout.
I feel so ugly and stupid lol.

4. Tourists exploitation.
I know this happens in many countries but it's just crazy over here.
There will be tickets like Indians 10 rupees, non-Indians 200 rupees.
I felt so exploited but it's only RM20+ so alright.
But after a few spots, it just felt ughh.
And they only check non-Indians for cameras, and there are camera tickets. 50 rupees.
Although the amount is little, I can't help but feel frustrated.
I guess it's their income, I mean where else can they earn from if not from tourists.

5. Friendly people
This is contradicting to what I stated above. but to my surprise (lol) there are actually friendly people, like the customs at the airport, had quite some jokes with that guy because I told him I'm Malaysian and he's like you are Chinese. I guess he messed up with Malays.
And the people at the hotel are super friendly. Maybe because this hotel is so grand I don't think I have ever lived in such a grand hotel.
Literally. Will tell you more about it in my next few posts.
Haven't really gotten an exterior picture of it, but you may look it up on google. Ritz-Carlton Bangalore.

I would write more but I'm really tired right now.
It's ridiculously comfortable to own such a big bed alone. *points picture below.
There's a serious case of lack of security when I was sleeping last night.
It didn't happen when in Westin Xiamen that time, not sure why...

Anyhow, when I checked in, there were cupcakes, chocs, macaroons beside my bed.
And nail polish too.
We soon found out that only some of the girls got it. hahaha.
One of the guys got mangoes and a handwritten letter from the housekeeping. (reason is because the housekeeping person saw that they got mangoes from Delhi and they wanted them to try Bangalore mangoes LOL)
He was so excited because apparently the angmos had a Indian mango party last night or something. So they were hoping to have more mangoes for the rest of the week.

It's just weird, the service of this hotel is like, they are trying to make you feel so satisfied I can't even think of one thing I don't like. haha

Plus, they are so obsessive they actually placed all my toiletries on top of their leather tray thingy, queued up perfectly in the middle. And, they realized that I used bottled water to brush my teeth, they placed water beside the sink for me. oh gosh. lol.
Should I leave a tip for them in the room?