Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick Update

I'm currently on a plane flying from NYC to Orlando!
So excited for Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter tomorrow.
Also very excited because it's my first free wifi experience on a plane, and it's Jetblue, which we chose because it was the cheapest option. Awesome, or what? haha

So, I have been to Hong Kong, Chicago and NYC for the past week.
It was madness, walking so much everyday but I love how I'm able to travel with so much pre-researched knowledge.

Also, mainly because the trip was wholly planned by me, I realized the flaws when I'm actually there.
Hence, making me feel like I should write something about it.
Like best options for transportation from airport to the city etc.
Because trust me, I did months of research and although tripadvisor provides a lot information, they don't explain them in detail. It gets tough when you have so many luggage to drag along and no one on tripadvisor tells you how hard is it to drag luggage down from stairs. No one tells you how crazy packed and frustrating it is to navigate around in Penn Station. lol.
Suddenly glad the last time I went to NYC was by bus.

Anyhow, I'm still surviving, however missing meals here and there everyday. Probably only have two meals per day and they aren't even proper meals. :/
My eyebags are so bad, dark circles, pale face, bad skin, my finger joints are cracking, lips are cracking, and just yesterday the heel behind my feet cracked and bleed, then this morning there's a scratch on my eye, not sure if it's because of my nails.. which I used scissors to cut because I forgot to bring nailclippers. lol

Am I scaring you with all these talk, don't worry haha I will tell you the fun parts soon. :)

Alright, I'm landing. Bye!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Photo Dump

I was thinking if I should write posts like "What have I done in 2014", or "2015 Resolutions". But hmm.. I don't really want to do that this year. All in all, everyday should be a new start for everyone, not only when it's a new year. So, I shall skip that!

One thing I'm really happy about in 2014 is that I was able to travel places and see the 'world', India that is. It really makes you see life in a whole new perspective... I wouldn't say 2014 only consists of the good, it definitely gave me a fair share of 'bad'. Let's move on and welcome the new year no matter what. teehee :) I hope there will be more good than bad - that's my only wish. 

But! January will be off to a good start as I will be travelling places. Excited! I hope everything goes as planned. :D

Here we go with my photo dump.
Wanted to post more pics honestly, but I keep getting cut off by ad hoc stuff. 
I will make sure to schedule a truckload of posts before I leave. hee :)

Coffee on the Table

Those once in idk how many months meet up with them.
It always feels good catching up though, no matter how long, our conversation just connects instantly.
Sorry for the blur photo. Was still figuring out how to shoot in the dark with my new camera.

I have never ordered any 3D art coffee for myself...
This wasn't mine either. haha

I'm really liking the idea of having photo frames up on walls. Any walls.


Fresh bite noms.

new bracelet. I have way too many beads/leather bracelets.....
Only problem is, I find it too paiseh to wear it to office, hence neglecting all of them :(

My favourite Nasi Pattaya Special

so random. hahahah Uniqlo shirts, the best. I always wear them for presentations at work.

My view everyday while driving to work; this is the second bridge. 

team building/CSR with the APJ FDPs during the last conference.
I think this is boat cafe? or something like that...

So, we had to make posters beforehand. 

We had to get passersby signatures. I purposely took colourful markers for them to sign. hehe

Then we had dinner at Mizi Bistro.
Best mushroom soup.

super large portion creamy carbonara.

favourite food by all tumblrs on earth. hahah

chicken rice shop chicken. I'm clearly dumping random food pics over here. hahah