Monday, April 14, 2014

Angel Eyes

New drama intro time! Finally feeling better from the small 'hiccup' in my body today. haha

Angel Eyes is so niceeee, a very nice melodrama, totally cried during episode 4 today T_T

There's Goo Hye Sun, the girl who acted in Boys Over Flowers korean version.
And there's Lee Sang Yoon <3 <3 <3 Very biased, because I like him so much. hahaha

Best part is that, the younger version of him was acted by Kang Ha Neul, that oppa who worked for the broadcasting in The Heirs.

All these eye candies. Not gonna lie, they were my reasons to start watching this drama, and I got hooked.

And the way they filmed this drama, the feels and emotions from their eyes. gosh, can someone hold my heart. hahahha

Anyway, sharing two songs from the drama below. The english one is really nice, I thought it was weird at first, but the chorus is very very nice.
I don't think there are much spoilers in the songs that will ruin the show for you, so go ahead and watch it.

Chinese subs:
English subs:

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Here we go with some photo dump in March!
One week till my first test and I haven't gone into the study mode yet, finding excuses forever :(
I am also trying to forget the fact that there's one week till my birthday because I don't want to grow old T___T
Very often I feel like diploma/degree days went by way too fast and here I am in my early twenties trying to figure out my life.

Gurney Plaza; Max Gourmet's Fried Rice! Jjang! 

 and noodles I will probably never order because I don't like the weird combination or dry crunchy and wet soup. lolll

The Alley

Churros with sister :D

Cheesecake. I love the chocolate part....


RM10 Gel nails! During International Women Day, some manicurists were invited to Dell along with other random stores, and since it was so cheap, I got it done :D

Once in a while, you will see my scrambled eggs photos.... hehe

One of the biggest pink bag I own from Zara.

My RAWR sweatshirt from F21. :)