Thursday, May 26, 2016

160513-160515 KL

We decided to go on a long weekend road trip to KL.
I came back with a sore throat.. after all the food we had.
Most pictures were taken with the Fuji X70 I just bought, it proved itself worthy.

It's the first time I did not read a single page on my Kindle during the car ride because VK, Fang and I were so busy talking the whole time. lol.

First stop at Hao Ji Steamboat restaurant in Kepong for dinner!
So satisfying!

The following day we had breakfast at Toast and Roast in PJ.
Mad love the Char Siew! Guilty pleasure because it was so oilyyy. haha

Then, we went to 1U, lunch at RockU, a Japanese grill buffet place.
I know I know. We were eating non stop!

Dinner at Burgerlab, because I wanted to try the Ultraman burger so badly!

On the last day, we went to Ippudo at The Gardens for my favourite ramen! 
Lovee the Karaka-men.

Oh, the night after BurgerLab, we went to Inside Scoop for some ice cream as well.

Okay done with the food pics. Sharing some random pictures taken over that weekend below.

we found The Flash!
One of our favourite series.

A cute exhibition in the mall.

Crying elephant..

Obviously tired me but loving the selfie screen on my camera. haha

Got a free VR viewer from Maxis survey. 
If you haven't try it before you should! Especially when watching a 360 VR video, the experience cannot be described.

Monday, May 23, 2016

150430-150502 KL

Random pics from previous trip in KL. 
And then I'm gonna post the next KL trip from 2 weeks ago. 


KyoChon chicken, when you coming Penang?

First time dip n dip :) hehe

Umaiya Japanese Buffet. 
First time too. It was so goood :D