Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Generation

One of my most satisfied purchases recently.
My Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen!

One day, I just got really fed up between wanting to read more and feeling the eye strain.
I'm used to reading on my phone for years already, with larger fonts of course and black background. But I'm sure it's killing my eyes slowly because my eyesight became worse. 
I decided to go on Lowyat forum to search for Kindles. After doing some research, I decided that I'm going to get myself a Paperwhite. The thing is, there's also this new Paperwhite 3rd Gen (2015) version which was just released and the cheapest price I found was RM600 - which I considered quite costly for something I don't get to hands on try it and have a real physical look, plus the only usage was to read e-books. I also did research on its useful life, and it claims to "survive" for 3 years, also the battery will soon deteriorate, I don't know? Seems short to me for an e-reader.. Of course to Americans it's nothing, to buy something thats only $100+, they posted on those forums that they don't mind to change it now and then, or upgrade whenever a new gen is released. For us, it's real pain, especially when Malaysia currency is doing not so good....

Then, I saw this post, someone was selling their used Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen, Wifi, 2gb, no ads version (which costs more) for RM200. Decided to go with it, and I have been really happy since. Haha!
It was under some delicate care I suppose, no scratch, no dents, nothing came off, like new! 

Another thing I really liked is when I updated the firmware, Goodreads addon came in!
Nothing is more convenient than being able to check on Goodreads straightaway whenever I need to search for books or update reading progress. Okay, such a nerd. But oh well :X

Size comparison with my Samsung Note 3. 
Kindle is about 6 inch. Fits perfectly in my hand, not heavy enough to make me feel tired while reading with one hand. Too good. 

 I didn't know how e-ink was supposed to look like. People say it's like reading a real book, words on paper. I was skeptical, but woah, it's the closest thing to an actual book.
Especially that obvious comfort my eyes felt. So I'm reading at an even faster pace than normal!

So, just to give you an idea, it's not as glaring as LCD screens because it's like matte-ish?
Top photo is with half the brightness turned on.
Bottom photo is without any brightness, literally no backlight (didn't edit so you can see true picture), it's still readable!
Just too cool. Looks like those dummy tablets/phones basically.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Too Cool For School: Egg Mousse Pack Review

I bought quite a lot of skincare related products recently due to the crazy affordable prices on Althea.
I think by now, most girls in Malaysia know what Althea is. 
It's an online shopping website that imports Korea skincare and make up to Malaysia and the best part is, the price is so much cheaper than if we were to buy here in the store (eg: Innisfree, Laneige, Skinfood, Nature Republic). So I got really obsessed and started trying a lot of new products. Haha

Couple of things about Althea. 
1. Free shipping from Korea for orders above RM150. 
2. 30 days unconditional returns (but seriously, I'm not gonna return all these stuff! haha)
3. Guaranteed authenticity
4. Crazy buy 1 free 1 deals from time to time. 

I think I will blog about the other stuff  I bought soon as well because firstly, korean products packaging are just too cute. I want them to appear in my blog. Secondly, I felt obvious improvements in my skin after using the products.

I have been working for crazy long hours yesterday and today. So it made my day when my Buy 1 Get 1 Free Egg Mousse Pack arrived. It took only 3-5 days since I ordered. The second box was 3 days and this was separated from that order and took another day because it got messed up and sent to Butterworth SkyNet office. My first Althea box took about a week which is pretty fast seeing that they mentioned it needs 10-15 days for it to arrive from Korea. 

Alright, so back to the main topic.

I first saw this mousse pack on Jenn Im's Korean haul video. It looked interesting to me because I like the font on the box, I have never put mousse on my face. So when Althea had the buy 1 free 1 deal for this mousse pack, I jumped at it. lol. It only costs me RM37 for two. No regrets!!

 Comes in a cute pink box. I have three of them all stacked up in my room now. 
Using them to keep stuff. haha

This bottle of mousse claims to whiten, moisture and nourish your skin. It also serves as a deep cleansing medium.
After using it, what I really felt strongly was the cleanse. My skin felt so cleannnn, like my pores are clear, face is clean. Okay I repeated that. But really. It's a surprise haha
The moisture part felt alright, like my skin wasn't super tight, it just felt nice and comfortable.
Whitening, I'm not that sure.. probably will see results in long run.
I kinda feel like Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask make my face really fair, and this had a 'less fair feeling' in comparison.

Another reason this felt so nice was it is really easy to apply mousse on your face.
Esp when I'm gonna go straight into the shower right after that, I just didn't cared if some mousse got onto my hair. trololol.

Okay, so what you do is, shake the bottle and press out a ball of white mousse. The first thing you will notice is the scent. It seriously smells good. Then rub it all over your face, massage it a little.  Leave it on for a couple of minutes. I did some research online as to how long you should leave it on your face. Some say 2 minutes some say 10-15minutes. I left it on for about 8minutes? Haha
Those that leave it for a short period of time use it more as a deep cleanser, leave it longer, it's kinda like a mask. I would say leave it until the mousse starts to dissolve into something like transparent egg white.

I just thought this is a funny pic to show, like I did a bubble bath on my face. This is when it starts to dissolve so part of it became transparent. 

All in all, I'm really happy with all my purchases on Althea.
Wait for the other reviews to come soon :D
And yes, I will continue blogging about my US trip. (because one of my blog readers actually reminded me. hahah... :X) It's just that I need to give the photos a lot of time and effort and write them properly because it's one of my best trips ever and I don't want to post them without giving much thought. 
Give me some time. heh.