Monday, July 27, 2020

First Cross Stitch In a Long While

It has been a while!
Ever since COVID started, I have been staying home most of the time. 
My company is mandatory work from home since March and we will be moving into permanent working from home in the future, with possibly some occasionally visits to the office when necessary.

In fact I am going into the office to pick up all my personal belongings next week. 

Anyway, since I'm mostly at home, my routine consists of work, exercising from home (Les Mills On Demand!! My newfound favourite), watching tv shows, and doing some DIY stuff (like cross stitch and DIY numbering painting). 

This is the first cross stitch design I completed since 10+ years ago. Probably 15 years or so? Since I recall the last time I did cross stitch was for the school apron submission.

Super proud of this one. It wasn't easy as there's too many colours involved. But I'm glad I completed it after 2+ months, and I don't even work on it everyday. 

Currently thinking about my next cross stitch project. Maybe Hogwarts Crest or a really nice Butterfly design I saw in the Cross Stitcher magazine. 

Well, till then!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay

So I just went to the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by The Bay.
They hold this event every year.
2 years ago I was there too. So I'm posting both the photos altogether :)

I didn't bring my camera this year and was only using my bf's Samsung Note 10 Plus.
I think for the price, it's worth going. Buy your tickets online as they are cheaper than buying on site. 
Plus you don't have to queue. 
They do have a few food stalls and games for family activities as well. 
This year the sponsor is Haagen Dazs so they have a mini pop up store which sells Haagen Dazs ice cream. There's air con inside so it was a good resting spot for us. 

Anyway, just enjoy the photos and the short video clip below!

2017 Christmas Wonderland

2019 Christmas Wonderland

Sunday, June 16, 2019

180421 Birthday Celebration

Last year's birthday celebration. Why do I bother posting it here after a year? It's for 10 years later-me. So ignore my procrastination please. Haha. No one even read blogs anymore with all the instant social media updates we get on our hands every single day. 
My boyfriend came over to visit and all we did was eating as you can see below.

Akimitsu at Westgate. Really famous for their tendon.

Stranger's Reunion Cafe.
Forever a waffle ice cream lover.

Had to eat a cake during birthday. haha

Had a fine dining lunch on the next day at Equinox. My boyfriend arranged it. 
Food was good. Probably one of the more luxurious dining I had in Singapore. haha
It also comes with some side dish buffet.

Apparently it's closed down already..

These are the free flow stuff you can get.

Overall a pretty good meal.