Saturday, October 03, 2020


It's 10.30am, a Saturday morning.

After showering and having a cup of yogurt, I was ready to start editing my vlog for September. 

I have been vlogging daily for 2 years now, and why I started was because of the Korea trip where I lost all my photos at one go. I was so depressed at that point of time and was living alone here in Singapore. 

I started vlogging and showing my family what I do everyday, what I eat, where I go. I figured, if memories are so important to me, why not record them now. I don't share my vlogs with anyone else. So basically, my only viewers are my family. 

As I sit here, I remember all of sudden that I have a blog. A blog that is pretty much dead. Haha.. 

I did a quick scroll, and felt a pang of sadness. Where did my passion for photography and editing go?

What has changed? Is it because of COVID? Or it's because I moved on to other hobbies already? 

Well, I don't know the answer. But maybe I will try make a more conscious effort to bring my camera out more. It has been home for a very long time. And only used for @thebaecooks photos. 

Oh and yes, my bf and I opened an Instagram page called 

Since COVID and the Circuit Breaker lockdown in Singapore, we started eating at home everyday because dining out is basically not allowed. My bf has a passion for cooking all these while but he just didn't have the chance. So it's his time to shine and honestly I'm still impressed 6 months now. 

Most of the time, I will be in the room and he will be in the kitchen. So I really don't know what's the menu for the day and how would the food look like. Then tada, when I walk out to the dining room, I will be like "wait what?" "what's this?" "omg looks so good". Hahaha. I believe my praises and excitement fuels his passion. Lolol. 


Recently I have been thinking about Penang and home in general a lot. I miss home. Singapore has gone down to 10+ cases per day. But Malaysia's COVID situation is bad now. I don't even know what wave is this now as it's spreading everywhere (?). 

I have been keeping all my annual leaves this year in hopes that I can return to Malaysia for a few weeks in November or December. But looks like it's not gonna happen... :(

Sigh. 2020 is weird. We are in October now and honestly I don't think anyone can tell you what they have done for the past few months, apart from staying home, wearing masks and using hand sanitizers. 

If there's one thing I tell myself everyday is to live every single day to the fullest. Do the things I want to do and be happy. 

Take care everyone. Till then!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Cross Stitch #2

Completed cross stitch number 2. woohoo!

However, this is a stamped cross stitch kit I got from taobao, so it was super easy. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

First Cross Stitch In a Long While

It has been a while!
Ever since COVID started, I have been staying home most of the time. 
My company is mandatory work from home since March and we will be moving into permanent working from home in the future, with possibly some occasionally visits to the office when necessary.

In fact I am going into the office to pick up all my personal belongings next week. 

Anyway, since I'm mostly at home, my routine consists of work, exercising from home (Les Mills On Demand!! My newfound favourite), watching tv shows, and doing some DIY stuff (like cross stitch and DIY numbering painting). 

This is the first cross stitch design I completed since 10+ years ago. Probably 15 years or so? Since I recall the last time I did cross stitch was for the school apron submission.

Super proud of this one. It wasn't easy as there's too many colours involved. But I'm glad I completed it after 2+ months, and I don't even work on it everyday. 

Currently thinking about my next cross stitch project. Maybe Hogwarts Crest or a really nice Butterfly design I saw in the Cross Stitcher magazine. 

Well, till then!