Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dominant & Recessive Traits

Been studying about genes lately.
And I got shocked when I realise that, even if I marry a person with blue eyes, my children will NOT have blue eyes. ==" I made a fuss about it. hahaha XD

& we were discussing bout the traits in class so often. Like curly hair is dominant and straight hair is recessive. Let's say, both of your parents are straight haired. you are homo recessive. then, if you marry a curly hair person with both parents of curly hair. Your children will be 100% curly. lols. If only one of his/her parents is curly. then there will be 75% for your children to be curly.

Erm, get the point? haha. So, we were trying to list down what we want for our children. LOL. trying to waste time in class ;P I'm happy that dimples and straight hair is dominant.
We got only a few info in the revision books. I decided to google about it. haha. and tada! Alot of infos!!!

*blames my parents for the short eyelashes -.- , lucky short eyelashes are recessive. phew*

Update: double eyelids is dominant. LOL


p i y i said...

omg! hahhaa girls all the same. my class was discussing how to check whether the boyf got colour blind or not..our bio teacher also teach us do checklist for boyf...lmao! he say all passed d got nice genes only marry hahhaha.

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

ahahah really? i tot we were weird XDDD
i needa list la. need some good dominant traits!!! hahaha =]

imahbeh said...

if u marry a person with blue eyes, ur children will have blue black eyes - oo che~~ x)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

==" cheh