Thursday, October 30, 2008


Going to Alor Star on Saturday. -________-
Relative's wedding. my grandma's godson to be accurate. yorrrr.. I don't want to overnight there larhhhh.
& hair cut on Sunday or maybe tomorrow. my hair is thick like wth.

Grad day tomorrow. My cousin, Sabrina, Form 2. will be singing. duet. and dancing too. today, rehearsal, she solo-ed. I heard people saying that she's good. haha! aiseh aisehh XD bangganya ;P

& my tongue was tied up today. when rehearsing the speech. if that happens tomorrow. dead. ohya. this reminds me that I havta practice pronoucing our new principal's name. CDKs, you all know lah. haha. the "yim chim" principal. and I pity Pn. Chin. kept pronoucing her name in a wrong way. Zzzz. she must be having big big biggg pressure when the principal "stares"! lol!

♥ Chiayi.

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