Friday, October 31, 2008

Graduation Day

Today. LOL. a big day in my life -__-
Raining this morning. when I parked my car. I saw 2288 in front of me. ??!! why Stephanie drives her bro's car =="

We went in together. everyone was high. I wasn't. lol. because of my oh-so-neat-hair. I'm not in the mood of taking pictures.
At 8am. We went up to the hall. 4th floor. I heard someone saying that this is the last time we climb this stairs. *you still have to come up here for SPM* lol!
Waited. and waited. and waited. -___-
it's hot wearing that blazer. =="

until 9.15am. FINALLY, the VIPs arrived.
then speech. phew! I think I did well.
then singing. then prize giving. sweating like hell.
then performance.
hmmm. it was boring. LOL. no offence. maybe I'm too sleepy or what. haha.
we had buffet afterthat. chit chat. then dropped JinPei home. then balik rumah.

Yvonne & HuiYing came =DD
omigodd. I miss them!!! didnt see them for ages! lols. actually, it was 4 months ago. HAHAHA

More pictures here:

& woah. Puan Peh must have loveeee me alot today. my hair is finally NEAT. and it will be the last time. HAHAHAHA! no more *chiayi, your hair is falling. you are going on stage. pin ur fringe* I used spray you know ==" lame, I know. nvm. it's the last time. last time I'm doing this for you. LOL

leaving the school, finally!! woohoo~

I'm going to come back to see the new school building. haha. for sure. =]

this is what you call "ai sui". hahaha.

Chian Chee

6.50am. LOL

our leng lui

retard -___-

and humiliation starts T___T
I shouldn't even go near the camera in the first place with this damn hair.
nevermind. nevermind. I tahan. once in a while =(

First feedback:-
Hobart: you look weird!!!!!

♥ Chiayi.


CooolKidz said...

I really dowan to laugh you know........

*tahan tahan*

Chiayi, despite that, you still look good. =]

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

laugh lah laugh la

CooolKidz said...


YC~~~~~ said...

yes..weird indeed..xDDDDDDDD

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...