Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

Addicted to Hell's Kitchen lately. haha! & Youtube is moving fast. lol. but I don't really like the cursing -___-
Gordon Ramsay is like a whirlwind. LOL.
I watch Licence to Grill on and off too. hahha. LMAO. Rob is funny when he dances HAHA

Fion came over this morning. I skipped school. We studied. ordered McD. watched videos. lols.

I'm going to bring my sister to Queens for High School Musical 3 this Saturday. =]
wanted to give her a surprise at first. but after I booked the tickets. She ngam ngam chun chun msged me and said she wanna watch HSM. lol!

I've started listing my to-do-list after SPM. haha XD I bet everything will be great after exams. ^^

p.s. I love you ;)

♥ Chiayi.

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