Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Can't believe this year's gonna end. so fast.
I haven't done anything. practically. other than studying for SPM -___-
& it's like too lil' memories for me to fill up the year??!!!
of course the pek chek studying moments, EMO moments.
sigh, what can I say?.. It's too fast..

Welcome the new year. Everything's gonna be new then. :)
I'm going to be 18 soon. sounds big. o.O
heh. legal huh? lol.
kick off the immature thoughts xD

& why my course starts in FEB?? duhh.
good luck to those starting college next week.
I still got a whole freaking month to WAIT.
and my sister is going to start school soon.
I'm going to die in boredom. Imagine. alone at home for 5 days a week. T__T
who's free? mind to accompany me? we can do anything. everything.
even rotting together is better than rotting alone. HAHA.

well, if you are reading this..
all the best for the whole new year :)
& xxx. =)

♥ Chiayi.


hobc said...

Grab your camera & go shoot something, somewhere & someone. Is a good outdoor activity rather than stay at home bore to death.... ^^

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

yeah. that's what I planned at first. lol. but my sister. i gotta take care of her. zzzz..

hobc said...

Oic... you are a good sister. ^^
Maybe can get your sister to be your temporary model for you practice portrait photo. ;)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

haha exactly! i tried that yesterday. hmm. maybe i shud plan. hahaha

hobc said...

That's good!! At least ease your boredom... keep it up!! Maybe next time you will be a pro-photographer & your sister will become your supermodel. lol...

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...