Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas. with friends.

Woke up around 10smth. Watched MKMF Awards till 12 noon. lol. I know lah. Korea stuff again. :P
then went to Georgetown White Coffee with family for brunch. I got no intention to go out that day. but then.... LOL
btw, the place is !@#$%^. the food also normal nia. and they don't let us order all the ma huan to prepare eh stuff. like western food -___- I won't go back again. lol.
Steph msged. asked me to go out. She came and fetched me. off to Queensbay.
Jam like hell there. like half the Penang people went to Queens ==" more than Gurney. lol!
we parked at the shop lots. and met up with Denise, Andrea & HongFoo.
Denise's dad was at Firefly. asked us go see the Doraemon show. said it was kinda fun.
& we saw Yik Yung dancing on stage!! omg. she's so prettyyyyyy all the time!!! Steph's gonna work today.
TRIPLE PAY!!! 1 hour 15 bucks. YenNi too!! eh eh. belanja makan weyy!
met Yen Ni at MNG. ahh I missed her so muchhie ;)
When I'm bored in the car. -___- Steph
Steph took my camera into GAP's storeroom. their staff's xmas exchange present. I think? lol
Benny's car.
Credits: Benny. haha. Denise, why so pretty!!!!
we were counting 1,2,3. shoot! haha
Benny came. at 3pm. to fetch Denise & I. to Gurney Plaza.
thanks buddy. wait. not buddy. thanks ji mui. ahahha. Sisterhood. I was hyped over his manual car. LOL!!
never touch manual since I got my licence half year ago. haha. and his iPhone. canggihnya. XD Ben dropped me home. to take my camera's spare battery. off to Gurney.
On the way, we laughed and crapped and talked and yelled like nobody's business in the car.
I'm always sampat with Denise. ahahah. we talked bout everything!! seriously everything! so much to catch up after so long. and Benny kept saying that I'm fat. Used to it already lah. ==" wey. U not very thin nia kay? lalalala~~
" No joke no fun" man!! parked at housing estate. walked to Gurney. Benny was hungry so went to Manhattan Fish.

Denise & I had drinks only. Deng Jin came later!! Haven't seen him for sooo long!!! freakin long!! we talked and talked for a few hours. laughed again. cold jokes. gossip. random.

haha. after that, we went into Gurney and walked. Went to Pastamania. for dinner. LOL I don't eat pasta. so I shared Pizza with Denise. =] Deng Jin's girlfriend came and sat with us. heh.

We went to playground afterthat. hahaha so fun!!! Swings!!!
ahhh I love them!! Denise and I played and laughed.
Benny, cameraman. =)
G hotel. We went in for toilet. lmao
Credits: Benny -_________- Benny my leng lui.
Deng Jin & gf
What was I doing??!! =="

Denise & I were scared by dogs when we walked to get the car.
Benny dropped both of us home at night =] thanks!! really! haha :) I had so much fun todayy!!! met so many friends =]
ChorKwan.. long time no see. HAHA. and met Chloe, Joan, Carmen, Abby, Yvonne & lots more.
I feel like, I'm starting to see friends now. -___-
I was so guai at home for so long la weyy XD haven't stepped into Gurney for like ages d.
It's been long since I'm so sampat & happy, friends. =]
I love you guys.
♥ Chiayi.

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