Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KL Day 2

Dec 7

went to The Gardens. Mid Valley & Sunway. lol!
legs pain like hell T____T
went to SS2 for dinner. and we missed a U-turn. we took 45 minutes to get back on the right track. -_________- i hate those highways =="

slept at 830pm that night. HAHA. tired sangat okay?

camwhore-ed. when I was bored & resting in Jusco. LOL!

look at my uncle & aunt's wardrobe. lol.

the swimming pool at 3rd floor.


I likey this. never eat bfore but saw it on TV. lmao. so i bought it. and tasted good!!! XDD

lunch at Esquire Kitchen

Mid Valley

The Gardens

my sister.

& me.

♥ Chiayi.

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