Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KL Day 3

this is a really long post. LOL
woke up. packed stuff. then went to 1Utama again. because it's the nearest.
came back around noon.
uncle came back from Penang too.
we took our luggage and went to Traders Hotel. =]
daddy got staff price. 50usd.
the hotel is really really nice.
we shopped at KLCC. beside Traders.
walked a long way to KLCC through a tunnel connecting the hotel and KLCC. the tunnel is really long. and tiring -___-
my handphone start gila-ing d. like auto reset. hang ki. etc. T__T
KLCC was crowded. well. all the malls were crowded to be true. lols

went back to the hotel after dinner.
Dad took us to the Skybar. it's a bar. lol. we are underage. but the people say with parental guidance. no probie. lmao.
there's a pool in it. and the surroundings are nice. and lotsa pretty and hot European. lol! XD

uncle's condo.

1u again

in the car. to hotel

my sister. finished reading
New Moon.

my sister

5th floor.
checking in.

our room. =]

the view from our room

I decided to tie my hair. was having a bad hair day -____-
I still look okay before I went out. scroll down. and you will see the mess when I'm back at night

freaking long. == to reach KLCC.

Giordano. 45% storewide for that day nia. the crowd -__-


walk through this tunnel. and go through the freaking long passage to reach the hotel

what a long way ==" insane

reach the lobby finally

sofa bed arrived

then I became a mess. see the difference?

yep. the traders logo


sorry too blur. it was too dark. and this was taken under a hurry. see the pool? =]

♥ Chiayi.

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