Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KL Day 4

9 Dec
Last day. finally. haha
woke up early. bathed and blablabla.
packed stuff. then left to Genting Highlands.

morning ;)
mirrors everywhere in the room

a card for daddy.

my eyes were puffy -___-

checked out

on the way

I just love the spinner!!!!! =DDD

my sis

my hair =="

by my sister

queuing for Pirate ship. Zzz.

Kenny Rogers. the only restaurant which is NOT CROWDED. LOL

in the car. finished this book. about a girl. who went to a spy school. LOL
and they learn encrypted codes.

Penang Bridge jam. really JAM.
reached home around 9pm.
sick in the car -__- dizzy. ate Panadols.

p.s. the trip was tiring. but considered fun. i guess?
well. I did enjoy =]
you want me to be happy. here I am. happy enough to survive

♥ Chiayi.

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