Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random 2

Random. again.
Fion, you haven't come to my house for like ages. -__-
you don't know how different my room is now.
The colours, I mean.

repainted wardrobe. freaking niceee :) my idea of painting different colours. LOL
the wardrobe is like 20 years already. seriously, older than me =="
but it looks new now xP

featuring Pou pou. with the repainted bed head.

my side of the bed. yeah. New Moon ==" and messy. I know lahhh.

see. colours! :)

I've always complained to mummy. that the furniture in my room is seriously tak boleh! OUT!
I've always wanted black glass wardrobe. lol.
but after repainting. WOW. they look NEW. who says we need new and modern furniture for a better look. haha xD
We suggested that we paint them first. if really not nice. dump them out and buy new. but surprisingly!! they look fab!

& mum said, the paint will come off after a few years.
I said, then paint a new colour lah. change a new feel. XD
mum agreed. haha

The new LCD just arrived :)
40inch Samsung LCD. heh.
I'm hyper. really.
imagine DDR on this. gah gahh xD
my DVD player has a USB port.
so, just now, I put my korea performance videos inside the external hard disk. and watched it on the LCD.
omiggoodd. sis & I were head over heels! LOL. my cousin is here now too.
the lifesize face of JongHyun!! so handsome. drools.
wait till I put gossip girl. then I will drool over Nate!!! :P
Fion, you better come I tell you.
all the handsome idols on your laptop screen doesnt make you drool this much!

♥ Chiayi.

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