Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yesterday morning. went to office to drop report. then went Queensbay with sister. shopping.
went to ShangHai10. met Ang Ang working there. =]
and the fried rice really nice! haha!
went to Jusco. bought groceries. say hi to friends there. ;)
but only a few working on weekdays.
bought sausages. and digestives biscuits.
went home. watch TV while ironed clothes.
night, went to steamboat. pre-christmas celebration? haha.

Steph and I reached first at 8pm. waited for 15 minutes? or more? because Denise forgot her christmas present so patah balik to take. lol.
hungry sangat weyy..
they arrived then we started eating.
more came soon.
Doreen was excited. playing with my camera. she took most of the pics.
Denise and I left early. around 10.30pm. didn't follow the after-party. haha. update me on where you all go "wet".
I felt like watching movie when I reached home. curse Wild Child. Penang don't have. zzz. -____-

& I laughed so much. funny friends xD
haven't been so happy for a long time d. pathetic. lol!
&& steamboat=sweating =(
next time we go somewhere else lah. =D

by Doreen.

by me. =]

by Doreen. a lizard.

Doreen and Michelle. read Doreen's t-shirt. LOL


I got this. Steph's bought it.

is it a he or she? haha. anyway. he/she got a name already. by my sister. 普普. read in cantonese. Pou Pou. lmao. know why?
she got the so-called-inspiration from the show 蜂蜜幸运草 (Honey & Clover). because of 普普艺术(Pop Art) . if you watched, then you know =)
we are in love with 彭于晏.
hahahah. his swtness in the drama is undeniable.

♥ Chiayi.


摩天轮 said...

i like the pu pu!!

LiangZ said...

so nice and wonderful
i oso wan

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...


Lisa ツ said...

yerr! bo jio me! haha. i'm so darn bored at home ==