Monday, December 01, 2008


Went to Queensbay. Borders. to read books.
and my sister.. -__- played PSP. I can't leave her alone at home.
so well, watched Twilight. cousin came to meet up with us. =]
Cullen! haha.
I feel uncomfortable when he's vampire-ish. but I get his charm when he talks. hahaha XDD
gonna read the whole Twilight Saga again.
Jacob Black is so.... ... =="
& omgoshh. I never thought Carlisle Cullen can be so yengg. hahah ;P
&& I like Alice. heh.

afterthat, went to cousin's house. took home lotsa DVDs. thankyou.

watching Harry Potter 4 now. to see Cedric Diggory. XD
my sister wants to be a vampire now -___-

finally, good luck khang. for ur LAW tomorrow. lol!

♥ Chiayi.

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