Saturday, December 20, 2008


today is so funn!!!!!
and met Jia Jun there too ;) about 50m from me. LOL.
Jia Jun is earning 5bucks more than me. which is RM80 per day. and her job soo easy -____-
I cut 3 large breads today already. LARGE loaves. and each bread cut into 9-12 pieces. I'm a pro cutter now. LOL

Denise working at Firefly.
Steph at GAP. but when I was going for dinner. she's about to habis kerja d. lol.
Yenni at Mng. excitedd sangat!!
went for dinner at Wong Kok with Jia Jun.
& sat there for an hour. lol. because our legs were so painful.
&& the aunties working there so friendly. ;P
&&& the guards too. so caring. haha =]

then around 7pm. a gang of Koreans came!!! lol. so cute lah weyy XD
but they can't speak English. sigh. and one of them was sooo excited!! ran over to my booth to eat. the others were busy buying milk.
I don't know why they need so much groceries??!! two whole trolleys. and each item about 4 or 5units. scary right?
and they kept coming back for stuff. they loved Jia Jun's 7up. and they can say two english words only. which is GOOD GOOD!! and ThankYou!!.
I was trying to communicate. but sorry Fion, I haven't brush up my korean for a longgg time ==" I forgot how to say Welcome. -___-
too bad there no line. if not I will rush into the store and call you la Fi. lol. they wore the nike dunks!! same as Hong Gi eh. and the sweater so cute. I will call you tomorrow. hahah

& so many Europeans and Japanese.
I love those blue eyes. haha
but the thing is. on my report sheet. there are no columns for Europeans, Japanese and Korean. lol. just Chinese, Malay and Indian. zzz.. there should be an "Others" column.

two china men said I look older than my age. =(
sigh. but they were nice people. heh. asked bout my school. asked how much my salary.

When I was packing stuff. went to the freezer there. 0-4 degree celcius. so cold!!! omg. LOL. I was scared that I'd locked myself in there. and frozen to death. because the lock looks complicated. hahah
one more thing. the store so big. just can't imagine. Jia Jun and I nearly lost our way in there. it's like a long never ending alley. boxes and cages along the way.

working is soooo fun la!! hahaha. especially the aunties working there. really warm my heart XP
so sayang me. hahah.
tomorrow got work again. Needa go sleep d.


p.s. They can't stop playing Lovebug-Jonas Brothers. LOL. for like the whole day, I listened to this song. -___-

ONE BAD THING: there NO NETWORK COVERAGE. -___- so don't try calling me T____T

♥ Chiayi.


CooolKidz said...

A group of Koreans. Shiok la you!
hahahaha, eh freezer cool la =D

hahaha, glad you enjoy working there! :)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

hahaha shuang la XDDD