Sunday, December 28, 2008

Working = Boring

Yesterday & Today, worked at Sunshine Farlim. because Queensbay no job. and they ask me go sunshine work. -___- i got no choice but to accept.
and it's freakin far from my house =="
& seriously, i miss Jusco aunties & friends. SIGH.
here eh aunties all so unfriendly eh =(
and the loudspeaker so annoying. and summor got bell ring ring ring. hard sell ice-cream. gahhh
LUCKILY, I'm back to Jusco next week. =DDD

btw, today I bought two boxes of coco krispies. :)
because got free gift. limited R2D2 Star Wars Robot breakfast set.
you got no idea how excited I was when I saw this XPP
I'll post photos in the next post =)

featuring: sneak peak. jusco store. gahh. I miss that place

yesterday, I sold ALL the Anlene concentrate milk d. they say no more stock. so today. I just give out samples without selling ==" felt so stupid when people ask and say NO MORE STOCK. duhh.
just bcoz sunshine farlim is moving. they dont take in this stock.
I'm going back JUSCO!!!!!

I heard the loudspeaker. bring you baby to counter. get one free mamy poko pants =="
buy mamy poko pants. can take photo with this mascot. -__-
this mascot nearly knocked down my booth.

I was sleepy for the whole day. this place really not nice.
the only time I'm awake is when I put my hands into this ice box and take the milk out.
COLDDDD~~~ zzz~~
but one thing. this week job easy. pour milk nia. nonid cut roti. LOL

after 4 days work. I earned 300bucks d. =DD

♥ Chiayi.

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