Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm broke.

This morning. went to Queensbay Borders. sat at Starbucks. to read James Patterson - Cross.
then afterthat, I went down to Jusco.
To buy the block buffer and nail buffer. it's RM19.90.
because last week. the Tsuya Tsuya girl took my mum's finger and just rub it with the blue thing down there. it became shiny. 

Suddenly, I saw another girl. her left eyelashes was 4 times longer than her right eyelashes. scary! I was staring at her. then she told me. She's selling the white fibre for eyelashes. just add it on. and extend all the way. 
She wanted to demonstrate & I was so free. -__- lol.
so i sat there and let her apply the thing. & walla! my eyelashes became so long. scared tiok.
I'm so well known for my short eyelashes ==" 
the fibre is feathery. light. white. so I wanted to buy that fibre thingy. this week is the last week of promotion d. they are going back KL. 
can't believe I walk pass them everyday till today only see that. LOL.

RM79. & the thing was. I was poor. I korek lai korek ki. found 80 bucks in my wallet. -__- after paying. RM1 for parking. 
 pathetic. because I bought Starbucks drinks. bought bread and muffins for sis and mum. bought the block buffer & nail buffer set.
and I thought I won't buy anything today so I didn't put more money.
I've never felt so poor in my life. -__-

UPDATE: so.. -__- it turns out that I'm the only one excited with this. T_T 
but hey. I'm so cacat with fake eyelashes and now got a better way. can you get high with me??? LOL!! 
it became triple my original length you know!!! 
& fake eyelashes are just too irritating for me. heavy and blablabla.

♥ Chiayi.


CooolKidz said...

oh okay



there, high deee XD

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

hahahhaha thanks thanks XD

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Lisa ツ said...

chiayi!! im more 'can2'(in chinese) than you okayy!! i have SMALL eyes & SHORT eyelashes!! XDD