Friday, January 09, 2009

Last Day of Work

ehhh, why so fast??!!! =(
confused sia. happy and sad. 
happy is that, I don't have to look at soya beans anymore -__-
sad is that, they are leaving tomorrow.
I had so much fun with them.
When I accepted this job, I was praying hard that KL don't throw some freak over here to work with me. but end up, they were so great!!! ahh!

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the seaside again. during break time. we got too much break time, really. because Jeff loves the sea. and luan sia. 
Evening, to the sea opposite queensbay. Jean & I sat in the car. camwhore & music. while Jeff sat on the rocks emo for about an hour. -__- 

night, I fetched them to Queensbay. 
not with the soya car of course. haha
we walked around. went Jusco!
bought groceries. my fave thing to do =="
we bought Famous Amos cookies, sparkling juice, sushi, mentos. excited xP

then we bought tickets for today's midnight movie. I will be watching Bedtime Stories with Jeff. Jean will be watching another movie with her friend in Penang.
I can't wait! haha. my first midnight movie. prays hard that I don't fall asleep in there -__- 

afterthat, around 1045pm. we left Queensbay and went to their hotel. Watched TV and ate on Jeff's bed. HAHAH. like a mini party. lol. around 1130pm, I went home. 
because dad was like, you drive home alone don't so late come back la! 
ish. I should have asked Jeff to drive the soya car. then I don't have to go home so early =/ 
okayy. Pictures up soon. I got no time to even look through what pics we took. 

♥ Chiayi.

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