Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Smile! :)
today. around 2-ish. Denise texted me.
Danny & Huiying came with her soon afterthat. 
We went out.
First, we went to Park Royal's beach. then playground beside Island Plaza. then Gurney Drive for dinner. then playground beside Gurney Plaza XP
what a day!
thanks. escaped from emo-ness at least. :P

Danny took most of the pics with my camera. =)
at the playground near Island Plaza. we met 3 kids. girls. cute girls! I love their eyes. and eyelashes. and their voices. cute!
their mum even asked us to send her daughters pics to her mail. heh. 

she's pretty in this pic :)

HuiYing. credits: Danny.

look at my hair -__-
but it was windy. really nice. 

Denise & my fave playground now!


we are kinda "chan". but it's the only pic with 3 of us today. 
at Danny's house.



all by Danny


I'm in such a good mood today.
editted so many pics :)







you can thank me Danny XD
for all my editing effort. LOL

Denise. I like this!
who took this?
Danny, you or me?

Danny trying to be EMO. but kacau-ed by Denise.

this is natural. HAHA

the gay started his gayness show.

click to enlarge please. you guys gotta see this. HAHA

click to enlarge!

here they come!

concentrating on the kids. haha

♥ Chiayi.


hobc said...

Very nice photo!! The children look so natural with their smile, especially the last photo... nice !!!
Caution!! Those equipment in the park/playground are for children under 12.

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

xD. we are under 12 XDDD
mentally underage. LOL