Sunday, January 18, 2009


around 6.30pm, Melvin picked me up with Dexter in the car. We went to Ms. Lee's :)
ahh. I miss those add maths homework! 
& the fun chit-chat moments in class. 
& not forgetting the snatching sweets senario with the boys.

Talked to Ms Lee. about career. college. studies.
Melissa & Jia Yi came soon after. talked talked talked.
Ms Lee was like you shouldn't go for accounts! -________-
after half an hour, we left. 
she still have to give tuition to the other students. they started class 30 minutes late because we came to talk to Ms Lee. lolll!

I still remember last time we were like anticipating for ex-students to come back. then we can start tuition late!! & crap the way outta hell. XD
so now we are being the ex-students huh? haha.
& we gonna have a party, or more like gathering after CNY at Ms Lee's. can't wait :P

then we went to E-Gate's Subway for dinner. talked mostly bout friends and college. Jia Yi & Melvin are studying in INTI too. Melvin dropped Jia Yi & Me back. :)

Melvin fetched Melissa & I. we went to Gurney Plaza. for lunch.
Set Lunch. 
Juven was working there! :) I like her hair colour.
We had movie afterthat. Four Christmases. I was frozen in the cinema =(
We left Gurney around 4-ish.
Dropped Melissa. Picked Dexter.
Melvin dropped me home afterthat. thanks again buddy! :)

camera shy. loll

my friend like since forever. XD
another gossip partner in tuition.
we meet almost everyday last time.
same tuition. attend campfires/camp/gathering :)
she went to EYTC `04 too!

another friend like since forever. haha.
& he was really really tall already during primary school. I think around 170-175.
now 180. lol

we actually asked him to go play the slide XD

my fave hanging spot nowadays XD

tall monkey in action!

us :)

♥ Chiayi.

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