Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A short update

As you all know. I'm working on weekdays. for this week.
no time to sit around and blog or plurk d. -___-
Yesterday, met up with a girl and a guy from KL. Jeff & Jean. both 20 years old. I thought the person driving will be older. gahh. whatever.

So, we distributed Seasons F&N Soya Bean can drinks to offices and fitness.
that morning. we went autocity. and Jeff, yeah the driver ==" lost our car key. we were stranded for an hour over there. duii. we practically turned over the whole car. and you know what? when we gave up and called the mechanics. we found the key on top of the car.

The car is a Toyota Hilux. So, we can't see the top.
anyway. safely back to Penang. we went to Wisma MWE, Clark Hatch Fitness. and Botanical Garden. (my idea) xP because we can't finish distributing all the drinks. So I thought there will be alot of people. I was right!

They were funny people tho. noisy sangat. never met people more talkative than me before. Well, there's always a first. HAHA. teasing till siao. LOL. lots fun!
I was leading them. they never came Penang before. or maybe when they were really small.
So at night, picked them from hotel and brought them to Gurney Drive. makan. play. chit-chat.

& now I gotta go. eat breakfast with them before start work. so yeah. if you see a Big blue toyota hilux on the road with Seasons soya bean all over the car -.- spot me.

♥ Chiayi.


YC~~~~~ said...

u will be leading them to go around penang? OMG they'll get lost soon..xDDD

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

omgg. wth. they are at my house now. lmao. resting. later 7 going out again. yeah. so i called mum & dad to help lo. CHEH!

YC~~~~~ said...

good!! for them..xDD

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

ish. they must appreciate me. i help them wash clothes lo. use washing machine of coz XD
and now bringing them out for dinner again. LOL. i never go out late for so many nights. zzz...
Saturday transfer my work to denise to accompany them. lmao

hobc said...

Wow!! What a good hospitality provided. Don't worry coz you will not lost in Penang. I afraid you lost in Mainland...lol. @_@