Friday, January 23, 2009


Benjamin. waiting for car wash. 10 bucks only. summor super clean.
and ohya. Benjamin is the name of my uncle's Civic. LOL

Sabrina sleeping. and if you rmbr my sleeping pic. ehhh why so different? she still look nice when she sleep. but me... -___-
life is so unfair. LOL!

Uncle came back from KL. this morning, picked me up to go take my salary. I realised that. my salary became 80 bucks a day. incentive i guess. 
Afterthat, we went to car wash. 
then went to grandma's house.  I was at grandma's house for the whole day. 
talked alot to my cousin, Sabrina.
talkative+talkative= never ending story.
helped 2nd aunt with CNY stuff ;) then watched TV. had facial. my aunt was back too of course. XD
& heard a really great news. my 3rd aunt ordered new Honda City!!! and Myvi for my cous. I want the new Honda City~~!!!!!! someone shouts *dream on!!* lol.

♥ Chiayi.

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