Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just read through the captions.

be prepared before you scroll down.
you will see the flattest head of the century!

my flat head. -___-
it will be the flattest you've ever seen. lol. or if you have a chance, it will be the flattest you've ever touched.
I tied my hair. to take a flat head pic for you to see. HAHA
because I think you all are bored by my face now.

scared now?
next time, when you have babies. pleaseeee let them sleep in spring cots.
According to my research, (LOL!), people who sleep in spring cots when they were babies. have round heads!! perfectly round.
because no matter where they turn. or which side they sleep. it's still in a net. which has a tendency to make the head round.
& my sister is in the perfect round head group.
Blame my parents. -_____-
I slept in beds, on pillows ever since.
and the back part of my head becomes.. FLAT.
and odd corners. (which my sis refers as. you were a devil. with sharp corners on your head... -.- )


btw, guess what. There is a flattened head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly).
go google!

bored with my eyes and mouth? okay. they are closed. :D

okay. still bored? here's a sideview.
obviously.. I look odd, weird, stupid or whatever that is. from sides.
my cheeks too chubby -___-
and I'm really jealous of people with nice cheekbones. SIGH

and oh. I look like this. from up there.

so now. a pig-like side face.

a spidey. outside my house.

Junk. lol.

waffles!! *winks*

Dinner at Island Red Cafe.
Show your HSBC card. and get 30% off. til end of this month. LOL
so worth it.

♥ Chiayi.

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