Friday, January 02, 2009

Tagged. by Szien

Tagged by Szien

Directions : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen
random things,habits or goals about you. At the end, choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you.

1. I just achieved a goal- Dyed my hair -___-

2. I'm boyish sometimes. really. 

3. I started my first job as food promoter. with high pay XD

4. I wear only Amethyst and Green Freshlook contact lenses.

5. I love to blog. I camwhore. so sorry if I made you headache with my photo spam :P

6. I'm practically the most talkative person in class & in my family =X

7. I lose my image whenever I start sampat-ing with Denise.

8. I'm currently counting down to my birthday. 4 months and 19 days to go!

9. I'm too lazy to remove make up. sums down to: I seldom make-up. unless. special events. or special moods.

10. I need a tour around Penang because I'm a "road-blind" -____- sad case =/

11. I'm starting college next month. TAFE accounts. anyone taking this at INTI?? no friends in the same course at the moment. pathetic T_T

12. My fave author: Jodi Picoult. She never fails me =)

13. Most of my besties are guys. idk why. =="

14. I love to make new friends.

15. I don't wear high heels. =X

The Ten People I Tag Are :-

1. Denise- bcoz I love her.
2. Doreen- bcoz I miss her.
3. Ivan Ng- bcoz I always tag him.
4. Stephanie- bcoz her blog got no updates ==".
5. YeeChern- bcoz he's too free.
6. JiaWei- bcoz I don't know. lol
7. Kcyang- bcoz I dont't know who to tag anymore
8. ZhenLynn- bcoz I like to read her blog
9. Ang Ang- bcoz I miss her
10. HuiYing- bcoz she said my hair is nice. lollll

♥ Chiayi.

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