Friday, January 30, 2009


I've been out everyday with different people this week. 
tiring. but fun! :)

yesterday morning, woke at 7.30am. 
for badminton with Melvin, Dexter & Melissa.
I was super blur. oh god! was too tired from those Dares and slept at 3.30am the night before.
4 hours sleep is just too lil for me. zzz..
Melvin picked Melissa & I and we went to YMCA. 
Melvin & I VS Melissa & Dexter.
Dexter can't stand losing. funny la. his face expression. hahahah. Melvin was like Don't bully girls la you!! hahahah!
had lunch at New World Park.
Chicken Teppanyaki. :)
met a few classmates. 
then went home.

around 4. Benny came. we went Gurney. with Denise. 
had Sushi King for dinner. 
but there was alot of "seafood"!!! ahahha. if you get what I mean. 
we laughed like hell. 
Stef & Fione came to meet. 
I miss you Stef!! ;)
We went to our fave hanging spot! PLAYGROUND!!! beside Gurney Plaza.
and some things happened. and declared Jan 29 as W.E.D. lol. shhh~~ 
the funny thing was GimChuan's ipod touch. hahah. the "evil" laugh. LOL!!
Ben dropped us back at night.

no pics. -___- because I took my camera. without the memory card. lameee

♥ Chiayi.

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