Friday, January 02, 2009

Today.. Is A Busy Day

Today is my sister's birthday.
Happy Birthday Sis!!!!
I love youuuu!!! haha. we know everything. about each other :)
& don't have to be "rou ma" here. you know I love you xP

This morning, went to office for job training. then. lunch with Daddy & Sis.
Dad's not working today.
bought a cake. Blueberry. for grandma, aunts, cousins.
then dad dropped Sis and I to our usual hairdresser.

I dyed my hair. Yes. you read it right. lol.
for the first time. in my life. I do something to my hair.
I never straightened my hair. but some don't bliv me. whateverr.

so, I told her I wanted dark one. brownish red. not too bright or sharp.
Then she recommended Loreal Cherry. =)
it turn out nice. satisfied. happy! xD
& luckily. it wasn't expensive.
Because, she was my hairdresser since I was 2 years old. :P
btw, friends who know I got a streak of light brown golden hair on the left of my head. it became soo red -___- lighter than other parts. weird =="

yeah. so this is how my hair looks.

this is my sis :)
she's been complaining. because today is her birthday. and she still have to go tuition. for the first time this year.

brought this cake to grandma's house.
aunt cooked some delicious food. heh.

it's like our family tradition. if there's someone's birthday. Daddy buys cake from his hotel.
mine's always Tiramisu =)
Sis's always Chocolate mousse.

I was trying my best to take a decent picture. but to no avail -______-

introducing my cousin. Sabrina :)
the best dancer & singer.

so, I really took alot of pics. but today. dont know why. I look sooo "chan". =="

I realised I love to make this kind of faces lately. =="


reading this book.

& dad bought this new stereo. his old one died.
&& can someone explain why do we need a remote control for the stereo in the car? haha.
dad says: for passengers at the back of the car =="

& poor ipod.
connected and stuffed in the junk with bluetooth headphone. remote control. lmao

ohya. watched Gossip Girl this morning. lol
♥ Chiayi.


hobc said...

You look great with yr new hair style & a perfect color match. Gorgeous!!

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

lol. thanks

YC~~~~~ said...

really? xD

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...


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