Sunday, January 11, 2009

With Jeff & Jean

Photos finally. 
alot. serious. and I'm too lazy to divide them into different days. so just scroll down. and see. LOL
and nothing much to write about. maybe just captions. I'm getting sleepy. :P

thanks Denise. for replacing me yesterday :) so I can accompany Jeff & Jean.

J & J

Pizza hut at Queensbay. but the thing is. I forgot to take a pic of the pizza -___-


Jean & I. camwhored much xP

I love her eyelashes :|

Hwei Zhee & Jean. Hwei Zhee is our trainer at the office. :)

teaching Denise. counting stock.


HAHAH. what can I say? I just gotta post this. Jeff looks so gay with my bag.

in the car. my car. not the soya car. lol.

before leaving. aha. the bear looks familiar. xD

Bowling. I really wanna long piak. bowling is so not my thing. -__-

no gaya at all. =="


Jeff & I were sweating after playing. tired -__-


only me playing.

I won them easily. they lost. flat. HAHA

Sushi King.

at the hotel.

in the office. see lah. duiii -__-

this is the MOST DECENT pic of me slping in the car on my burger. the scary ones. keep to myself. and Jeff used the scariest me as his handphone wallpaper =="
BUT, at least no one play with my eyelashes when I'm sleeping now -____-
and people. you all know why he wanna play with my eyelashes? 
Ans: He said he never see such short eyelashes in his life!!!
& the thing is. Jean's & Jeff's eyelashes are soo long. double mine. -.- or maybe triple. =="

eating Famous Amos. LOL
we don't care bout image in front of Jeff. like serious. HAH
because Jean and I said that, if it's someone handsome. then different. if it's him. we don't care. HAHAHAHA

I didnt know he used my handphone and take this pic in the guys' toilet??!! -__- till they went back KL. LOL

ahh. I love the colour of my hair in this pic :)

view from hotel room.

Island Red Cafe
I want to go there eat tomorrow lah. stil got lot new food haven't try. but no one's accompanying me. pathetic. =/

queensbay. seaside. yeala. just because Jeff wanna see the sea. we go to the sea EVERYDAY.
my skin is so dry now. and I turn darker. SIGH. all my effort gone to waste. T__T 
you must be guilty Jeff. I know you will read this. lol.

mini picnic or what. haha. 
and yes. the key. this is the very key that was lost on the first day =="

Jean & I

mini party at night. hotel. but dad called me to go home at 1130pm. because I was driving. and he don't want me to drive home alone late. =/

ahhh. food!

my fave socks. LOL

Borders. :)

ahaha he gotta take all the groceries. 

First night. Gurney Drive.
with them. it's all about nightlife. LOL

Soya soya

Hongkie Kopitiam. E-Gate. 2nd day.

of course. I miss you both already :(
they are really nice and funny people. 
even my sis. who sat in the same car with them for like 5 minutes only. commented Jeff as hilarious. LOL. this is how hilarious he is. -___-

♥ Chiayi.

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