Sunday, January 04, 2009

Work, again.

Sigh. I got nothing more interesting than working to blog about. lol.
First, good luck to those going college tomorrow. 
Don't complain much. I'm jealous =(
I wanna start early too!! 

counting stock was much easier. Maybe I got used to it.
& I got a lil sick of yogurt drinks =P
& I realised there's egg promoter in Jusco too. promoting eggs -______-
& the bak kut teh promoter and milo promoter are really friendly. 
& I got cold and frozen again, nearly flu.
& met lotsa friends.
& there's still less customer than past few weeks.

Today, break time. Benny came =)
around 4.30pm. so chit-chat (since no customer) til 5pm.
Ji Mui, lucky you didnt disappoint me. heh. I thought you not coming. 
I was so boredd. 
had dinner at WongKok. only me eating. he looking. -__-
anyway. talked so much bout college, studies and stuff. 
& you better keep my secret sis! xD 

Around evening,  Jia Wei came. find drinks. lol. 
then Billy & kcyang came. find Jia Jun. and find job. lols.
Girls got advantages in this kind of job lah xD it's soo true. they were having a hard time finding high pay promoter jobs.

talked alot with Yakult aunty today. she told me she wanted to bring her son's photo to show me but she forgot.  -___- I was like hmmm... 
then she was saying. aiya. too bad you too young. she asked whether I got boyfriend. and told me her son no girlfriend ==" I think I guessed what she wanna do. lmao!!
then she said, her son got two dimples. and I got one dimple. 
BUT people, her son is a doctor!! hello??!! doctor needs mum to find girlfriend for him??!! LOL.
but I like the aunty. she's nice. heh. =)

Gotta go sleep d. nights =)
tomorrow got special job. road show thingy. distribute soya bean to different places.
tomorrow first stop Autocity -__- far nia. 
a KL supervisor bringing me and another KL girl.
I will not do this job if the pay is not attractive. lol.
1 day RM100. working 5 days RM500 d.
Jiayou! and good luck to me. :)
I'm all about money lately =="
shopping needs money you know. and spending self earn money feels much better. xP

♥ Chiayi.

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hobc said...

Enjoy your work & have a good time!!! ^_^