Sunday, January 04, 2009

Working = Fun

Of course.
this weekend, I'm back to my fave working place. Queensbay :)
it was really fun. and god I missed the friends there xP
Yesterday morning, Jia Jun's mum fetched me to work with her. thanks!
after setting up the booth, I started counting stocks.
I thought I was going to freeze to death before I finish counting =="
Imagine. the SHINE yogurt got 5 flavours.
and 3 different sizes. and got twin pack and triple pack summore.
go see how much stock is there then you know T___T
I used an hour to finish counting everything. blarhh. pure torture. colddd =/
the whole day of working passed through quite fast & cold (standing next to the cold storage). but was happy tho XP
chatting with aunties there. do this and that.
& no customers. like promoters more than customers -___-
went into the freezer room so many times in normal clothes. nearly got myself suffocated in there. =/

ohya. Anlene came. the aunties got hyped up. haha
got a test for people above 20 to check their calcium in the bones.
who wanna check? haha. and can drink free Anlene milk. LOL.

♥ Chiayi.

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