Thursday, February 19, 2009

700th Post

This is frustrating!
my sister had sports practice today. and you know what? the teacher let them run 100m on TAR ROAD, not grass. yes! you read it right!
and my sister tripped and fell. her knees, palms, shoulders bleeding. and omg. quite deep. and I pity her. dad's heartbroken. daddy's willing to do anything for her now.
and I'm the slave. on TV. on Youtube. take shoes. take water.
My sis is the Queen. or princess.
I'm so gonna kill the darn teacher! she said nvm eh la. nothing eh la. luckily my sis said that she wanna go home.

and look at all those blood and scars. SIGH.
sister is crying =(

& oh. the teacher told my sister that she cannot run for her house on sports day d.... poor sis. I bet she's sad...

♥ Chiayi.


CooolKidz said...

omg!! :(

no stitches right at least?
If so, scars will vanished and everything will recovered like never before, tell your sis. :)

HOBC said...

Oh dear!! Pity yr sister :[
Hope she will recover quickly & also take care of the scars.
Be a good nurse oh...:)

Jonathan Chong Cheng En said...

pass her the lolipops k !!!
or skittles !!!!