Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drop Dead

Today, had 8am class again. so sleepyyy. I slept late last night. because I had a nap in the afternoon. there's nothing good about 8am class. except that there's ample of parking lots.
and I did something stupid in the morning. blurness. -___- thankyou Melvin for texting me to tell me. =X
Had Malaysian Studies first thing in the morning. and she gave us an assignment. =/
the topics are boring... and English version of Sejarah, looks weird. sounds weird.
then. she let us off at 9smth!! the class was supposed to be 8-11am. imagine. 3hours plus break. ==" till 1pm only got class d.
so, went out to McD with Jon. he ponteng-ed. lol.
came back at 11smth. met up with Zhu Lian.
had Accounts then Finance class.
Zhu Lian and I were starving. and so freaking cold. and sleepy... pure torture. and listening about Debenture, Investment. I was like. can I die. LOL!
after class, had Fried Rice downstairs. expensive lahh -___-
I really miss my school's cheap canteen food.

& I talked to the China girl today! asked her why she wanna come to Malaysia. she said that, she thinks Malaysia is a beautiful country. we were like.. err... okayy....

&& the college is in the lovey dovey mood now. annoying sia for singles. hahha. When Zhu Lian and I were eating, they play all those romantic songs. -__- and the daily dress code thing to show your status. LOL. but my classmates were excited with that tho. see what colour they wear tomorrow. HAHA.

♥ Chiayi.

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