Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today during 2 hours break we went to Queensbay again.
at this rate. I'm going to gain alot of weight and bankrupt soon enough.

This time 2 cars.
With Ken, John, Zhu Lian, Karen, Faiye, Ai Lynn, Yan Ting & Yee Ching. :)
We went to Jusco. bought sushi, meatballs. lol! went to Food court to eat those stuff.
& talked!! ALOT! hahahah XD
*ahem ahem* some secret I cant reveal here. lols!
Stephanie and her friend came to find me for a while.
went back to college at 1230pm.

Malaysian studies very boringgggg ahhhhh~~ I almost fall asleep.. 8am class. imaginee =="

& Happy Birthday ChunYang!!!!!!!!!! =D

♥ Chiayi.

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