Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was doing nothing just now.
& Jon asked me about this Chemistry thing. I rmbred I scanned it and blogged about my notes once. HAHA! and really!! I did!!! :D
So I started reading my old blog posts. which were pretty fascinating XD
The feeling is great. I remember things. & happy moments!!
& read read read. I saw the particular Chemistry note again! this time on my Chemin

Then I found so many pics!! haha

This one is really nice right? XD
I like my edit up there :P thick-faced I know.

and cutely posed bear.

and this without edit scenery XD

&& our penguin bulletin in class. Form 4!
see my album there. LOL

of course. not forgetting my fave Wantan Mee beside our school. =(
It's been loooongg!!!!

and oh. Prefects' duty at Dewan Sri Pinang. LOL.
Uniform huh. hahahaha.

♥ Chiayi.

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