Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Eve

Black Friday

the china girl. was so sexayyyyy!!!! all the guys just stared at her *jaw drops 4inches* when she walked out the lift. she's slim. and she exposed her flat tummy today!!!! we were like. OMG! never realised she have this "shape"! hahaha.
& Jing Jing wore a skirt today. we perli-ed her. everyone is weird today.

again. break time. we had lunch then went to Cyber Lab online.
met Jon & ChunYang in one of the cubicles. they were doing engineering maths. looked interesting & tough. lol! I miss add maths.
class continued 3-6!!!!! I can't stand this anymore. was so sleepy and tired in class.

after class, went to get my car. and saw a rose on the windscreen. !@#@!$!#$#%@
I was like what???!!!!! first thing on my mind. JONATHAN CHONG!!!!!!!!! I'm so gonna kill you!!! I bet $10000 it's him. and really. it is him.

know why I'm so kek ki? LOL.
because it's the first rose I've ever received in my life. and it's from JON? JON? are you serious??!! and on my car??!!!
nice job jon!
his plan is to give single girls roses. to irene. and me. I told him no. and he put on my car. irene didnt even take it today. duhh. =(((
can i die? can i cry? LOL

anyway, thanks la Jon. I know you wanna cheer me. or whatever. or make me don't feel left out. I'm just playing around okay. lol. don't feel offended. =X

So, the rose. was left on my car since 11am. till my class ended at 6pm.
look at it's state. drying off -____-
but anyway. to fully utilise this first rose of my life *puke*, took few pics. to photoshop. since I'm bored.

P.S Daddy.. stop reading my blog plsssss... *innocent eyes* it's meant for friends. LOL

♥ Chiayi.

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hobc said...

Happy Valentine!!!