Monday, March 02, 2009

First Day at Inti Team Building Camp

So as you know, I went to Inti's Team Building Camp. at Penang Hill.
Friday, my class ended earlier at 5.30pm. then waited there till 6pm.
We started to regret about this decision. to go to the camp. LOL! now when I think back. I was a fool. this camp is probably the best camp ever!! apart from EYTC. XDD

Picture Credits: Jason & his N95

So, let me introduce the people first.

Li Yan. from Engineering.

ChunYang & Jon

if anyone thinks that he looks like a particular cartoon, can you tell me which cartoon is it? I've been recalling for 3 days but I can't remember.

Suggestion 1: by ChunYang. hahah Tasmanian Devil!.
there's another one. I know. I just can't rmbr. arghhhh!!!
Sonic looks like him anot? the sharp sharp head? hahaha


Jason's bag. with flappy ears.

We went onto the bus. then left to Penang Hill. there's 7 girls & 20 guys. LOL! Dad. I know you will read this. this camp is totally safe although the ratio is 1:3. HAHA
The guys started eating Pringles and they bought chicken rice for dinner.

ChunYang and GuoYi. GY is the biggest eater I've ever met.
You can never imagine how much he eats by looking at his body size. LOL!

We had our chicken rice below Penang Hill. while waiting for the tram.

Jason. haha. he's super duper hilarious.

HAHAHA! Jason ask them to buy him a toothbrush. they bought him this. LOL!

the guys. and the luggages.

WC & GY & Steve.
and oh. if you look clearly. there's someone else in this pic. *mo gui chang* HAHA

the 4 wheel drive will be bringing the luggages up to the bungalow. while we walked there.

Jason and Jon's ipod touch with the speaker.

the view. from up there.

Reached the bungalow. the place is not bad. 4 big rooms 2 bathrooms up stairs. the girls took a room. and the guys took 3. they need mattresses to sleep. as there's 20 guys. LOL
I wanted to sleep on the double decker bed at first. but I was scared. so yeah. HAHA

Edmund gave us this talk about Team Building. & it's US. not you or me. lol!

then he distributed boxes of sands to everyone. inside there. we found bones. parts of dinosaurs.
We have to match them up. and that determined our group members.
find lai find ki. at last. Edmund gave us the paper! the important paper which shows us. which parts belongs to which dinosaur.

Steve's T-rex

This paper!!! I got the skull. see? at first. someone told me it's a pelvis. LOL!!

tada! our Woolly Mammoth.
so our group name is Woolly! XD
the funniest & most hilarious people are in my group.
thank god that the 2 "S" werent in my group. one in T-Rex, another in Tricerators.
So my group members: Me, Jon, Jason, ZheKang, WC, JC, YanTing, SK, Allen.

the bone parts.

T-Rex came to kacau.

the food. GY ate most of them I think

The games started.

LiYan, Jason, Saiye

This is Samson, Lion, Delilah game. the winner can stick this "pimple or acne" like sticker to your face. LOL!

This is the matching body parts game. lol
each member write a body part from what you are good at. then start drawing the whole thing


Picture Credits: SK

We had a scissors, paper, stone game on chairs too.
It's a butt hurting game. LOL
look they pia till....... HAHA

then another game. killer game aka I give you warmth game XD we know, we know. LOLS!!!!!!

Played Truth or Dare with the girls :)
Edmund heard about our dares in the next room! LOL.
we dared different kind of stuff. like tell ChunYang that he's handsome. then borrow sweater from Steve. asked the number of all the guys in the room and in return we got N95. and that N95 was kept in my bagpack till the next morning. lols...........

then we slept at er... what time har? 2 smth I think.

♥ Chiayi.


Jonathan Chong Cheng En said...

dun so sui la you
S's also in your class k
for two more years summo
oppps, i'm to obvious
wad happened to truth or dare ??!?!?

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

... LOL!
eh yea hor!! okay okay edit now!

Devio Steve said...

give me your phone la...if i free then i will call you ...hahah....hahah...i told my sis and my mum.....they laugh til like hell....and you have no worry de....i warry The Big Ass de....haha....Wei...why your blog half way nia eh ....i need more ...whaahha...and the photo in the train eh ah ...really like Ghost lo..@@...haix....damn gili nia...and i tell you ah ....the T - rex and Woody are couple ok...LMFAO>...."Dun Worry ...i will give you warm."....wah lao eh ...wanna vomit lo.....

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

haha patient patient. i will update soon. ban ban lai.
i told my sis and mum too. HAHAHAHAH
karen today kolian. in class. the girls all pity her. hahahahah

baKia said...

Wahahaha~! Hana hana... Leaving some track here, let ppl link to my blog ma hor then my viewer wins you... =P Oh... Haha! Wei... I don looks like Tasmanian so crazy one la... I looks more Endao! =P Oh, why karen so kolian? Hehe...

baKia said...

wei~! Steve Loh! You got blog one ah? >.>"

zk said...

Haven't saw such weirdo at INTI..erm btw must beware of 3rd 'S' in your class

Jonathan Chong Cheng En said...

kesian karen nia
eh yalor, watch out for the third S !!

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

lol!! i was just about to say that the tasmanian devil more entao than you lo!!! HAHAHA XDD

haha Steve's blog link so long eh. LOL!