Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hubungan Etnik

Today we had English and Hubungan Etnik.
English still boring as usual.
Hubungan Etnik's tutor, En. Azman. he's quite funny actually! :P
He asked us to form groups of 4 for assignment. Everyone got their groups like immediately, except.... me and Chiew Wen -__-
No one wanted us I guess. so we were left out. and right behind of the class, 2 guys were left out. so yeah. you know the result.
En. Azman was like 2? and 2? so how?

today we found out that there's 2 pairs of Twins in the class. 1 identical. both Male. the other non identical of course, coz they are male and female. the girl is quite cute.

nowadays, I just complain about TAR in plurk to friends. No point killing my blog's mood. LOL.
but today I found out something shocking.
TAR canteen economy rice. You have to choose 4 dishes -__- since when I eat so much ==" and there's no variety. sigh. flat rate RM2.60.
I need to opt for something else d. can't eat that. too much plus don't wanna waste food.

& Bear Bear told me he saw me. what a surprise, he's in TAR too. Accounts summor.
there are surprises everyday.

I joined Brain Challenge and Choral Speaking for English soft skills. right. Don't ask me okay. All others are full and I got no choice -___-
What to join for Sports? haihsss.. fan ah fan ah.

I'm not going back INTI I guess. I can get used to this. ==" trying to sound convincing. lmao.
Mum's colleague was like, she will go back INTI -__- hey hey. I'm tough. LOL!
I need ACCA. right. okay. target for now okay?
*inhale, exhale* hmmm.. TAR is not that bad........................................

♥ Chiayi.


lluvia said...

u also from tarc?
i wanna find a information about assignment from hubungan etnik
then search at google click in ur blog lolXD

joash said...

wher do u from? i'm from tarc and it's perak brunch~ i oso need help.. the c2p HE assignment~ but i think it's late to wait for ur reply.. haha