Monday, June 22, 2009

KL Day 1


My uncle from KL came back to Penang earlier.
Uncle Sam! :)
on Wednesday, Denis, Vivienne and I followed him back to KL.
We reached at 5pm.
Uncle showed us his collection of watches.

I like this =]

ohya, not forgetting this. This is where Vivienne and I slept for the past few days :)

Uncle showed us old photobooks too. and I found this!
Mum's side. All the cousins except Denis and Vivienne in UK.
I had my bunny teeth back then. HAHA.

Denis found "him".
During winter, uncle visited them in London. (Uncle was an air steward)
Denis was wrapped up like a ball. HAHAH

I found "me". haha. Uncle's wedding.
the red one on the right is my mummy!

Afterthat, we went to Tropicana City, which is just right beside my uncle's condo for dinner.
Sushi Tei! yumm~~

This is soooooo deliciousssssssssssssss

this too!

My aunt :)

Night, played DS and PSP.

this was the brain age on the first day.
Yesterday, Denis's Brain age was 22 already -__- ish
Mine was 27 I think.
♥ Chiayi.

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