Saturday, June 13, 2009


Finally~ I get to update my blog. there are a few more updates coming up.

*points below* guess what?

From Denis.
I'm addicted. Is this available in Malaysia? I want moreeeee! =D

So, on Thursday (June 11) We went to Redbox to celebrate Ban Ban's and Ewe Juan's birthday.
It was *ahem ahem* *coughs coughs*.
Classmates, Ask from me if you want the recordings :PP

this guy sent the cake in.

Afterthat, Shun Mu asked me to park my car at CPT Primary and we walked all the way to Sunrise. OMG. -__- he was like telling me, we are going somewhere near. right -__-
sweat like hell.

Zhu Lian came to meet up with us afterthat and we went to Masy. Penyayang for INTI Musical.
I met SuSzien finally :DDD
she's cute ^^

Szien :D
Sorry I don't look good. zzz.

Went to Lye Lye Food Court after musical.
KC came too :)
then we had satay.
Pics with Zhu Lian. yay~~

♥ Chiayi.

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