Tuesday, July 28, 2009

090724 JC & CY

Jon, again. I'm not desperate. heck -__-

with Jonathan Chong and ChunYang.

DSLR of the day: Jon's Nikon D90

Jon picked me up then we went to Queensbay while waiting for the Flower Boy aka dingdong aka Doremi aka ChunYang to finish class. lol

We went Starbucks, Borders and read magazines.

sorry, can't help it ;P

found this magazine. Taylor Swift mentioned about it in her blog. LOL
her pics in jeans. rare.

Mango Passion Fruit. my mistake. wanted to try but... lol.
I still love Java Chip. haha

Went to McD for dinner. and Yang arrived at 9.15pm. Jon's prediction. geng wey.
He estimated the time for the flower boy to set his hair lah. this la that la. haha!

poor spongie. Yang did that to you -__-

Spongie is everywhere! lol. with my UK KitKat wrapper on his head.
only 107 calories. haha!

Jon -__-

Afterthat, we decided to go somewhere else.
Went to my house at 10something to get the Tripod Stand.
then went to Yang's house to park his car. and off we go in Jon's car.

Yang and his car.

Jalan Dato Keramat. LOL

trying to multiply the image. 2 Jons and 1 Yang

That's a headless Jon and Jon


the brothers.

I was the one carrying the camera bag.
and my handbag. Jon. totally tak-gentleman. HAHA

the guy who kissed Komtar.

Jon, what I wanna say is. good skills. LOL
this few pics. great composition. haha!

playing with light. lol

Yang Yang. haha. he was like. I want yeng pic!!

♥ Chiayi.


Raff-chan :-) said...

So.....Spongebob is only 107 cal?Too much >o<

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Nice photoshots

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ooo not bad not bad..nice one..