Friday, July 31, 2009


It's Baskin Robbins day. lol!
had lunch at *points below* with Ken, Shun Mu, Carlyn, Lay Kiew, Lion, Sheralyn, Faiye, Karen and Ai-Lynn. LOL!

Shun Mu acting emo -__-

then now gay . haha!
hey there Chuan Yean. lol!

HAHA! Carlyn's iPhone. ZITS! lol. squeezeeee it. and put medicine. lmao

Story: Karen, Sheralyn, Faiye in Ken's car went to Baskin Robbins during lunch break. but class was about to start and their number aren't being called yet. so.. the 3 EMO girls came back to class with a sulky face.

Karen came out with an idea to cheer herself up by leaving notes with big BASKIN ROBBINS words written on it, on everyone's car. -___-

During the 15minutes break of Budgeting class,
she went on her mission with Ai-Lynn & Sheralyn.
(Sheralyn is not partner-in-crime. she asked me to say this :])

but, too bad. she managed to find my car, Carlyn's, Shun Mu's and Lion's.
Ai-Lynn did not allow her to put that note by the way. haha.
John's and her boyfriend's car were nowhere to be seen. LMAO

my car.


Shun Mu's


Sheralyn and Karen.

♥ Chiayi.

Ai-Lynn took a video by mistake. but anyway, it's my car so I post it here.
My car's the first to be found. LOL

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