Thursday, July 23, 2009

Current mood: Happy!

I'm in a very good mood today :DDDDDDDDDD
I don't think 10 smileys can explain it. but yeah, guess you can imagine :D

:) is not as happy as :D
so although I like :) I will still post :D

idk why I'm in an extremely good mood today.
Reasons are ( I guess) : enough of sleep and MSN.
I think the person who invents or founded (whatever that word is) internet and MSN is the greatest person on earth :D

I need a Thesaurus to get symbols which express the exact meaning like :D , but oh, wait. Thesaurus is a word dictionary. =/

bear with me. I'm too high today. It happens once in a while.
I mean, I go crazy once in a while. ask ZhuLian. she knows better.
& I probably called her for like 2,3 times today. Just to talk.
& I talked nonsense to Lion in class just now. Faiye can't stop complaining that I'm making noises =/

wait a mo, I think I know why I'm so high. I guess it's "emotional outburst". Because I didn't have a chance to get high with ZhuLian in college for 3 days already. so prolly it accumulates and boom! :D
(yep, I do things with her in college which I don't do with other classmates. eg: spot hot guys. ) (hey! don't look like that. I mean guys scope for girls too. )

but still, I guess I'm always cheerful.

Ratio of me being happy: sad is probably 10:1.
no, more accurately, it should be 999999:1


p.s changed the font to Trebuchet MS. because :D looks best in Trebuchet font.

♥ Chiayi.

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