Friday, July 24, 2009

I love updating.

Wheeee~~ I love updating everyday. lol!

We had Moral Education this morning. It's the first class of Moral so we were dismissed early. and we had break from 9smth till 1pm.

We always will spend at least 15mins to decide where to go. I suggested to write down a list of places, and now they asked me to prepare it =="

Finally, we decided to buy food from Super Tanker and go to Ai-Lynn's house to eat.

online online :D
they started stealing people's harvest in Barn Buddy and yell at each other.
I started buying almost all of them in Friends For Sale. I'm kinda rich there. LOL

then they took turns to do the Crushbot. Predict those who have a crush on you. and we will start yelling those results. either in horror or in excitement. LMAO
Shun Mu was on everyone's list -__-

Shun Mu

they played monopoly.
luckily not horror movie. Phew! ~

carlyn playing game.

while watching Little Nyonya

Ken disturbing and teasing Ai-Lynn

Shun Mu and I. LOL

We got back around 12 something. and went to the library.
Sat at the magazine area and start talking.
Teasing Ken with a girl. LOL
and Zhu Lian called. I talked to her under the sign stating- no handphones in library. LMAO

had Budgeting after that. stupid thick book. LOL
We are gonna split the book into chapters. too thick and heavy!

our hardworking Karen :D

our sampat Lion. opps she wanna tell everyone that her name is Yee Ching, not Lion. so yeah. take note :)
because that day, when writing down attendance.
Faiye asked, What's Lion's real name??!!
♥ Chiayi.

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