Friday, July 03, 2009

Random Pics

Pics from phone.

in KL

the toilet of Souled Out. remember the place I went in KL?
there's an air con in the toilet. haha

Meet Zhu Lian! driving my car.
today we went back to INTI to take Malaysian Studies result. :D
with Nicole and KC tagging along

then we went to Infinity for Left 4 Dead. but the computer was so laggish. -_____-

no idea why, we don't look ngam in our pic d. too long didnt take pics together.
Last time 100 pic 100 pic nice eh la. HAHA

Bored ah. lol.
17 days more to go. Holidays. lol!

Bought the Australian Business Law book just now. Thick -___-
and it's LAW.
at least I got something to do d other than drama, online, BEJEWELED blitz, Mafia wars, psp, sleep.
I can read this. LOL
♥ Chiayi.

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