Monday, July 20, 2009

TAFE Semester 2

Finally! college starts again! wheeeee~~ :D
missed them so much. ha!
We had Financial Accounting then Law then Budgeting.

We were wondering why Law takes place in Lecture Hall. seems that there were 10-13 students who failed Law last sem and gotta join our class now. lol. but timetable crash blabla. we didn't see them, yet. lol!

11am-6pm. 2 hours break in between. gah. tiring.
had lunch in college today. then we went to the library. to erm.. not study. LOL. just to gossip and catch up with each other.
ZHULIAN, you missed so much! (show your parents this lah. haha)

&& Happy Birthday Bern & Rimon :)


we were sitting at 6th floor. Sofa area. waiting for class to start. lol.
As part of the college was out of electricity, we didn't go into the library.



Sheralyn aka Ban Ban. playing games on her ipod.

Faiye. AiLynn. Carlyn
bored bored

Lion playing my PSP

Aaron with his gf's handphone. LOL

Sheralyn and Carlyn playing games

red - Bernard Goh. LOL. he's texting me -__-
wasting my credit. HAHA. why not come over here bern? lol

games :D

the board.

the classmates.

Faiye and Karen
♥ Chiayi.

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