Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tired. =/

Another update: 6321 lousy. you are here. see. ( I'm just so kind. )

Update: just remembered. we should search more on cases huh? haha. start worshipping the high court of Australia. lmao.

searched this nia la. lazy d. LOL. btw, classmates, TCK asked us to find what stands for the R in R v Smith right?
Here's the answer:


Got home from 3 hours Law class T___T
pure torture. sleepyyy.
that was the moment where time doesn't fly -___-

worse still, change in timetable. Law class 3pm-6pm starting next next week. Kill Me.
and 8am-11am on Tuesday. wth. why all sleepy hours.
That means 4 hours break on Monday and Wednesday. =/ Movie day gone lah.

Faiye. during break.

Can't sign in =( why??!!

Carlyn & LayKiew were cold. LOL
I wore hoodie and jeans so I don't really feel the coldness.
Just the sleepiness.
Yawned for like 525246262546251 times. LOL!

this was lunch. Pics weren't in correct order. nvm. LOL

Ai Lynn's and mine. clean clean. HAHA

Sheralyn Ban's beans. the list of flavours.

wait till I get all books. I will show you how thick are they.
Ai-Lynn used a box to carry to her car. LMAO

8am class. Costing/Management Accounting.

everyone's sleepy =/
except EJ and ZY. lol. energetic people.
I yawned. Karen yawned. Carlyn yawned.
Karen can't stop saying. Yawning is contagious laaaaaaa.

view from class. lol
"Zhu Lian! *points* my houseeee!!!" . HAHA. *inside joke*

Finally, wore this pair of shoes again. lol. kept in the cupboard for too long.
Brown is love. HAHA
♥ Chiayi.


Raff-chan :-) said...

Do you guys in Malaysia speak in Chineese or English?Which language do you use when you talk with your friends?Are you Christian?

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

both chinese and english. depends. If they are from chinese school, then chinese. if not english :)

nope. I'm Buddhist.

Raff-chan :-) said...

Ok ^^ Thanks for some informations ;d