Thursday, July 23, 2009

White Horse

ignore the title above. lol. It's the title of the song I'm listening to now.
Blog posts' titles aren't easy to think ya know. lol.

this morning, idk why I woke up at 8am when class starts at 10am. duhh.
So i rolled around, not wanting to get up yet. haha.
left home around 9. and it took me 5 mins to reach college :)
It's my lucky day. Green lights all the way till college :D

I picked up the habit of eating bread while stopping at red lights before reaching college. LOL.
mummy, don't scold me when you read this. LOL. I just.. *ahem* remembered that we aren't suppose to eat while driving, even at red lights.

so, today, no chance to eat Roti. lol! ate half of it in the car park while waiting for XX and stuffed the rest in the bag. xx, thanks :)

&& Ai-Lynn, sorry for letting you wait alone, I didn't see your message =/

Classes today were alright. Financial Accounting was quite fun. counting. :)
but but but, 3 hours class is a bit too long lah. 11-1.
everyone was so hungry by then and we were sick of college food already =/ Ai-Lynn, Faiye and I can't stand hunger so we ate in the college. Carlyn and the rest went to Super Tanker =(
I want Char Mi Sua~~

after eating, Ai-Lynn and I went to the library. just for the air cond.
We read magazines while discussing about watches in those mags. lol!
then, it's my favourite class so far-Computer Accounting :DD
time flies during computer class.

Lion beside me :)

doing accounts accounts accounts

yeah. this was the pic from yesterday. sleep during break. lol.

??!! I typed so much? haha. I'm a little high today. lol.

♥ Chiayi.

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