Friday, August 07, 2009



We didn't realized this until I saw the date on my phone during Budgeting class.
Then I told Lion, Lion told Faiye, Karen heard, Karen told... and it spreads on.
Carlyn wasn't there. when she's back.

Chiayi: Carlyn! What's the date today!
(before Carlyn get a chance to answer)
Sheralyn: 070809!!
Chiayi: -_____-

(after 10 seconds)

Chiayi: Carlyn! What's the date today!
Sheralyn: 070809!!!!
Chiayi: -_____-|||
Sheralyn: Ask Carlyn again!
Chiayi: uh.. okay.

Chiayi: Carlyn!! What's the date today!
(like finally..)
Carlyn: 070809!!!!!
Chiayi: Ya!!!

Then Lion and I demonstrated how are you supposed to act when I say it's 070809!!!
So we fooled around and played. HAHAHA. Lameness overload!

but, when XX called just now. I told him it's 070809. He said, oh.. so?.
no fun. -____-

old pics first:

This is Sheralyn. lol

Bug Spray!! ultrasonic. there were mosquitoes. so yeah. lol!

Pics, today.

Latka aka LayKiew, Carlyn, Sheralyn, Faiye

Karen's going pak tor today :D

was in library during break today. did not follow them to Queensbay.
luckily Aaron came by and talked for a while. lol.

Raining. freezing.



grrrr. Sheralyn, Karen, Kiew, Carlyn were trying to tempt me with this packet of Skittles. They used all kinds of way. trust me. -__-
I haven't been eating Skittles for 2 months d. *proud smile* :D
I managed to tahan. muahahahha.
We played too much just now. LOL.
with the names, LatKa. or with the act polite senario. -___-
too much too much. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

RAWRRRR!!!! G.I JOE!!!! I wanted to watch this today. but but but. because Zhu Lian watched yesterday lah. Lion wanna go find friend lah. Jon got exam tomorrow lah.
excuses!!! :(
gonna watch next week then...... =/

♥ Chiayi.

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