Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I didn't update this last night because I was busy with the phone. lol
During the 4 hours break on Monday, we went to the library to do research for our law assignment. SIGH
This week is call-your-chinese-name week :P
Lots of laughter. LOL
苙侥 is one of my faves XD guess who is that? Latka aka Lay Kiew!
another fave one is 奕君. yeng hor? It's Lion. lol.
luckily, nothing funny happened to me. because Chia Yi is still Chia Yi. HAHA

sampah -__-

eyy my love letter to lion. haha


Faiye and Karen

Lion and mine; today

I think almost everyone's phone got this pic of mine and the old phone. lol
Yesterday, Lion asked everyone to take a pic of my phone. Coz it will be the last day -____-

♥ Chiayi.


kiew said...

eh eh where u found my chinese name?? i thought it cant find in dictionary anymore? =O

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

hahahahaha this is what you call. PRO!
hahah.I scroll till very far behind. those old words only find tiok eh.
I'm using Sogou input :D

Raff-chan :-) said...

3rd photo O.M.G. o_O

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

haha yeah