Tuesday, August 25, 2009


When it comes to assignment,
  • your blood pressure goes up, up, up.
  • your face looks like *points above* the title.
  • you experience "writer's block".
  • your head starts to ache.
  • you wanna escape from the Microsoft Word page.
  • you wanna go watch PPS, or go Facebook-ing, or even play fish-a-fish, but the date on your phone tells you that you are lack of time.
  • you crave for steamboat like all the time. (okay, this is just... HAHA.)
sigh. If semester 2 is like that... sem3, sem4.... hmm...

girls and boys, better start doing your assignment d har.. thursday we go enjoy. LOL

Everyone is having holidays now. The whole college is like so quiet, so deserted. 'cause only our course is having classes. However, there's one advantage tho. We have all the parking to ourselves. MUAHAHHAHA.

Auditors from Australia are coming to visit this week. We joked "Must wear nice nice or not? :P"
Wish me luck for the Thursday interview. lol. idk what they will ask Faiye, Ewe Juan and I anyway. but no big deal I guess.

Brought sister to Baskin for ice cream just now :D
I do that all the time, especially last year end holidays.
She wanted to treat me tho. "Quote her: You so poor d lah. I pay."
hmph, don't look down on me. LMAO.

the ice cream is covered up. haha. we had Peanut Butter Choc and Mad About Choc


okayy. blogging actually helps to relieve stress. lol.
*buries self in assignment again*

♥ Chiayi.

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