Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm back to using the same old title. *points above* LOL.

Lion wrote them. Our chinese names. :)
Mine, Lion, Ai-Lynn, Sheralyn, Lay Kiew, Carlyn.

To Carlyn, Sheralyn, Kiew:
Seee!!! Lion wrote my name with hers!! muahahaha.

you all lose d lah! XP

Sheralyn took these using my phone.

The main point of this pic is not me. look behind. Lion taking a pic of Shun Mu??!!!
and that's Shun Mu's phone. So I suppose Shun Mu want a pic of himself? HAHA

Sheralyn Ban playing Sky Fishing on Carlyn's iPhone.
This game made us high nia. lol!
when the fish flies into the air. lmao.

We had 4 hours break today.
went to Gurney in 5 cars. yeah. 5 cars -___-
Shindee's, ShunMu's, John's, SzeMin's, Ken's.
It's one of the big gatherings. LOL.

Lay Kiew and Lion

the big gang. lol.


by the way, Padini storewide 20%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did not buy anything tho. tahan tahan. LOL

All the guys and Lion went to Megaque to play pool and snooker.
We met up with them after some window shopping.

aisehhh Lion.


Shun Mu

iPhone & iPod Touch
went back to college afterthat. For Law class.
while waiting, played Guns with Carlyn. LOL
it's our fave app I think. HAHAHAH


I bought something. really awesomeeeeeeeeeee!
will post it in the next post =D

♥ Chiayi.

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